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As part of our comprehensive logistics, we can provide the following:
-      Container inspection and preparation.  
-      Insurance of cargo.
-      Flexitank installation.
-      Ocean shipment and transshipment.
-      International land transportation.
-      Flexitank discharging instructions.
-      Customs relevant service.
-      Flexitank recycling and disposal service
BLT is mainly engaged in the liquid cargo transportation of international and domestic coastal routes. We will select the optimal transportation scheme, reduce the transportation cost of each unit and coordinate all the transportation from origin to destination for your logistical requirement. Due to the long-term cooperation and good relationship with shipping companies, BLT can offer you a variety of domestic and international transport agency services. Our partners operate massive fleets for the bulk liquid chemical transportation whose ship routes cover Europe, America, Middle East, India and etc.; and our total annual capacity is over 2 million tons.

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